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Lee Hall
Founder of Clarity Media
Freelance Content Creator/Photographer
Former General Sales Manager at Honda
Jahmaal's ability to create the space where one can truly be expressive was the difference maker.

I ended up having to pause our session after week 4 as I worked through some of the challenges uncovered during our first few sessions. I wasn't ready to go this deep but I wanted to be so badly. After taking a few weeks off to gather myself we were back at it and better than before. Not only did Jahmaal respect the time I needed, he welcomed me back with open arms.

The greatest gift a counselor can give to his client is the gift of Clarity.
Struggling to create forward momentum in your life consistently?
This is where I was prior to working with Jahmaal.

Jahmaal guided me in digging up deeply embedded roots that I had previously shied away from. The personal, nuanced approach that builds session upon session really stood out to me. No cookie-cutter approach here. It’s about 𝙔𝙊𝙐 as an individual.

The discretion I was afforded to broach certain topics when I was ready was very much appreciated. Deeply-rooted issues can be heavy, and it was a safe space. I am moving forward practically one step at a time with the help of Jahmaal.

If you are holding onto something within and want it handled with care while moving forward in your life, have a chat with Jahmaal.
Cole Johnson
Mentor & Speaker
Clay Sibert
Certified Contact Center Manager
| EX | CX | Professional People Builder
While counseling, Jahmaal will focus intently on his clients, giving them every bit of his attention. During my personal time with Jahmaal, he showed an unending amount of patience, and he can listen attentively while analyzing the issue at hand. Because of this, he can hone into specifics and work with clients on creating a plan that will guide them to a resolution instead of a band-aid. When Jahmaal begins to give advice or direction, the title of his podcast, Listen Then Speak, comes into full view, as that is precisely what Jahmaal does: listen, then speak. It is evident that he is wise beyond his years and speaks both thoughtfully and carefully, and, because of his own personal faith, he can reveal areas that one may not have known they needed to focus on, and he is not afraid to discuss matters that others may not want to talk about.

In closing, I would like to say that it is rare that you find someone as fit to be a counselor as Jahmaal. He is truly one of a kind. He is a servant, a leader, and a shining light in the darkness. Should you ever find yourself in need of a counselor, I could not recommend anyone greater than Jahmaal Marshall.
Jahmaal has a very understanding yet direct style with his clients. It helps get right down to the core of the issue(s). His ability to relate made it easy to trust his guidance and wisdom when bringing up sensitive topics. He is graceful in his approach with you which genuinely makes you feel as if he is down in the heart of the issue with you helping sort it out. I felt Jahmaal's attention to detail is what helped me to feel heard, valued, respected and understood when sharing what I was going through. The feedback he gave, specific exercises to practice and words of encouragement lifted my countenance as I left our sessions.

What helped most was Jahmaal's ability to create introspection that allowed me to step outside of my core struggles and see them for what they truly were. This helped lead to the resolution of the issues that were discussed. Jahmaal has a very patient demeanor that makes you feel safe and secure. It has been over 6 years since I attended counseling with Jahmaal and I still have a great relationship with him and often seek him out for wisdom. I will forever be grateful for Jahmaal's guidance and friendship during a pivotal time in my life which helped mold me into the person that I am today.
Dustin Spence
Account Manager at White Cap Kenseal
Rob Glus
Erie Express Football
Jahmaal was my personal counselor. From the first day he treated me with respect, kindness care and compassion. He has a way of getting the most stubborn of us to open up and discuss issues we need to confront to be better people in this world. He was never forceful, negative or demeaning, but had a way to get you to open up and trust him. He always new if deep down you need to reveal or share more, but would give you the space to make that decision. He also went above and beyond the "call of duty" and had an open door policy at any time of day.

Jahmaal is a passionate, compassionate and very professional counselor that genuinely cares for and wants the best for his clients.
Jahmaal Marshall has been a bright light in a time of darkness for our beloved family member who struggled to find suitable, compassionate, and sound support.

When I reached out to Jahmaal, after a few months of careful observation of counselors, here on LinkedIn, I had been convinced that he would be the most suitable choice to assist us in helping our loved one regain control over life.

I am happy to report that I was 100% right in choosing Jahmaal Marshall for the job! Not only was Jahmaal, seasoned and professional, but he met our loved one at the required level, built an amazing rapport and maintained customized relatability all while, guiding forward movement, throughout. The results definitely met my high expectations and started a new and positive, life changing walk for our loved one who has great appreciation and respect for Jahmaal Marshall.

If you're looking for someone who is professional yet real, relatable, compassionate, patient, knowledgeable, resourceful, and effective in bringing about positive change in your life or the life of a loved one, I highly recommend Jahmaal Marshall.
Abby Jules
Field Suopervisor
Elliot Marks
Field Supervisor
Would I recommend Jahmaal Marshall? Yes.

He has a very laid back style and may not always give the help you are wanting, but will more often than not give the help that you need.

Most importantly, he understands the essential role of the Holy Spirit as our ultimate Counselor. On one occasion we were talking and Jahmaal told me that he was fasting. When I asked him why, Jahmaal explained that he was praying for a young man that he was counseling who had not received the Holy Spirit. He knows that unless a person is healed by God, then true change can never really take place. That is the kind of care that is priceless
You rarely come across people like Jahmaal that instantly make a strong impact on you from the moment you meet them. With his inspiring energy and servant leadership, Jahmaal has the ability to make you feel like you are finally being heard. I am so fortunate that the LinkedIn community brought us together!

Before I had the opportunity to interview Jahmaal on my LinkedIn live series earlier this year, I turned into his weekly videos where he shared advice on topics such as overcoming adversity, rejection, and self-compassion. There were even times where I would purposely go to his LinkedIn feed to watch his inspiring videos during any times I felt lost and was experiencing roadblocks. Every time I watched his videos, I always felt empowered to conquer any curveball that life threw at me. 2020 was a challenging year for all of us; I knew that Jahmaal was the perfect person to kick off my 2021 Live series with. I knew that my community would be inspired by Jahmaal’s resilience, energy, and insights. He has this unique ability to incorporate his wisdom with storytelling, which leaves his listeners/clients feeling more hopeful.

I also recently experienced a huge transition in my professional life, and I reached out to Jahmaal for guidance on how I should approach the new season. He carefully listened to my concerns, and he was able to provide me clarity and was the perfect sounding board I needed. Jahmaal provided me with tangible advice that I needed to move forward, and I’m forever grateful! If you are looking for a compassionate, patient, and inspiring speaker/counselor to speak at your next event or if you need help navigating through life obstacles, I highly recommend Jahmaal!
Junette Caloroso
Career Coach
Technical Recruiter at Meta
LinkedIn Talent Awards Finalist
2021 Top Job Experts To Follow On LinkedIn
DE&I Champion
Brad Furges
Federal Retirement Advisor
So what on earth can I say about the Jahmaal Marshall of 2022? Oh, lots! He is an excellent counselor and one of the best listeners you’ll find (which is a rarity these days—trust!). And then when he does speak, he imparts knowledge, truth, and encouragement to every receptive listener. It is common to have an unexpected "Aha moment" while conversing with him. The jewels and wisdom he speaks are often thought-provoking, sometimes convicting and always meant to be uplifting.

Jahmaal’s commitment to personal growth and development has positioned him and given him authority to speak into the lives of others without his words falling to the ground. Because he understands that a person can only take someone else as far as he himself has gone.

Due to his serious aversion to mediocrity, Jahmaal strives for excellence in everything that he does—EVERYTHING! Doing things halfway is NOT a part of his personal or professional repertoire.

Because of his lived experiences, level of maturity, wisdom, humility and fearless commitment to speak the truth in love to whomever, wherever and at all times, Jahmaal’s God-given gifts will continue to make room for him in the future.

I could say so much more, but I’ll end here with this: I enthusiastically and unreservedly recommend Jahmaal Marshall as a counselor, public speaker, team player/leader and superb listener.
Jahmaal Marshall did not only present himself as a counselor, but a warm friend that wants nothing but the best for you.

In our sessions, a lot was covered. Assisting with shifting the paradigm in order to see life in a new light, helping break that shell of seclusion that was so extremely restricting on my personality, and inspiring a vision of looking toward more when the sessions ended.

Always striving for more than you are, little by little. His motto that I will never forget “progress, not perfection” is absolute key. He was able to remind me that I’m human, I will make mistakes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s the best thing a person who wants to grow physically, emotionally, and psychologically has to endure.

I’m so glad he was the person to teach me that, because he did it the right way, with just the right words. “A season, a reason, or a lifetime.”
Vein Garnecki
Electrical Apprentice
Aspiring Astrophysicist
Samuel Imperato
Apprentice Technician at JAGS Mechanical
Jahmaal is very patient. No matter what I brought up or was going through he was very careful to never disrespect my dignity as a human being. Instead, he would calmly and lovingly bring me into the light of Truth. Throughout our times together I never doubted his love for me. I knew the whole time that he was in my corner. Indeed, as much as was possible he even bore my burdens on his own back. Simply put, God used Jahmaal to save my life.


Krista Brenner
Director of Recruitment at SRG
Breaking down truths, filling the room with real talk, and championing people to bring their best selves forward is just a mere fraction of what Jahmaal brings to the table. There are countless people out there who claim to be the real deal, but unless you've worked with this human, you're missing out.

I've had the honor of being part of Jahmaal's community for a while now, but recently we've had the privilege of partnering together on a speaking event that we are both equally passionate about. Even though we've talked numerous times, he blew me away with what he brought to the table.

Showing people that there is a better way, that they can champion themselves, that they deserve to protect their boundaries, and that there is a way out isn't just important ... it's critical!

Jahmaal is 100% the person I needed years ago when I had no boundaries and work was slowly killing me. I'm still proudly a work in progress and am learning every day, but I know that anyone who works with Jahmaal will dramatically change their life for the better!
Jahmaal is a rare gem. He is what I call "An Enlightened Leader". The one that has the self-awareness, emotional intelligence and consciousness of what it means to inspire, empower and evoke the best out of us.

I had the privilege of being a guest on Jahmaal's Podcast. I am a Deep Dive Mindset Coach and can I just say, his ability to listen so deeply and ask me questions that opened doors to answers that I had never really thought about, was truly a powerful skill that very few have.

Jahmaal has a unique skill to evoke Positive change within people and trigger an introspective assessment of one's own choices and decisions that leads to Changes in behavior and transformation!

A true gem and I highly recommend Jahmaal to those that want to be inspired and empowered to discover their inner truth and live life as the best version of themselves!
Veronica Safoa Owusu
Signature Online Course
Creation Business Specialist
Instructional Designer
President of EduCom
Mary Davis
IO Psychologist
Virtual CFO
Person of Faith
When you are a psychologist/counselor everyone always wants to talk to you all the time. And this guy does. He has hosted so many free events it's not even funny. His straight talk, no nonsense approach is one of my favorite aspects.

He really loves people; wants them to win. This is a rare and quintessential concept.
One thing that immediately stood out to me was his capability to cut through the noise by sticking to the truth.

As someone who loves to observe the behavior of others, I can honestly say that Jahmaal is truly an authentic individual whom I would highly recommend to any person or organization.

• His thoughtful advice goes above and beyond traditional community support, helping people to gain clarity on their identities.
• His strong character makes him capable of setting anyone up for success, whether it be at the workplace or at home.
• His empathetic leadership style moves people to think and act according to their values, which is a beautiful way to build a meaningful future.

I have read the wise words of Jahmaal closely and afar on LinkedIn, so I say with confidence that if you choose him, you are choosing a world-class coach, mentor, and trainer altogether.

It’s quite simple. If you want to rely less on hope and more on positive corrections, then look no further than Jahmaal for help with improving the mind, body, and soul.

Having him on your team can only strengthen the mission.
Katiya (💞) Xiong, DIA, DEEP
DEEP Coalition Founder l Artist l Micro-Influencer l #LiveDeeply l Merge the Divide l Ordinary l Truth Teller l DEI & Belonging l Social Leadership | Empathy | Relationship Builder l Expressive Writer l Global Connector
Eleos (ET) Theofilus Gandawidjaja
Keynote, Workshop, Panelist, Edu, Moderator, Host
I can confidently say that he is an exceptional CEO, counselor, and consultant. Jahmaal's expertise in communication, leadership, and conflict resolution is unparalleled. He has a unique ability to listen actively and thoughtfully, which enables him to understand his client's needs and provide them with insightful and effective solutions.

Jahmaal's approach is always professional, respectful, and empathetic. He has a natural talent for building trust and rapport with his clients, which makes them feel comfortable opening up and sharing their challenges. He is also skilled at creating a safe and supportive environment that encourages honest communication and collaboration.

In addition to his impressive skills and knowledge, Jahmaal is a pleasure to work with. He is personable, and approachable, and always goes above and beyond to ensure his clients' success. I would highly recommend Jahmaal as a CEO, counselor, and consultant to anyone seeking to improve their communication skills and enhance their leadership abilities."
Jahmaal’s passion for helping people take control of their lives and reach their full potential shines through everything he does. He is a highly perceptive guide and consultant who articulates complex psychological and emotional concepts with ease and grace.

He also possesses a unique ability to cut through BS and get to the core of any issue. If you or your team needs a fresh perspective that will help you make real forward progress, talk to Jahmaal.
Steve Gilman
Brand Strategist / Host of the Brand Story Podcast / President, Gravity Group

Podcast & Public Speaking

Being a guest on Jahmaal’s podcast was such a great experience! His ability to stay in the moment with you and really listen, is a big reason he’s able to pull such greatness out of each guest.

He does an amazing job of keeping it very conversational yet also knowing when to stop and hit on something valuable the audience needs to know more about.
Alex B. Sheridan
Founder and CEO of Impaxs Marketing
Video Content Marketing
Video Editing
& LinkedIn Marketing
Noble Gibbens
EQ for Entrepreneurs
Just interviewed Jahmaal on my "EQ Gangster" podcast. What an amazing man, leader & human being. His vulnerable & transparent responses revealed tremendous emotional insights due to years of prayer & internal work. He is an emotionally intelligent & empathetic leader. He was encouraging & inspiring.

I'm excited our paths crossed & know he will continue to impact everyone he connects with. I definitely recommend connecting with him & checking out his own podcast "Listen, Then Speak".
April 17th. It's a Saturday morning, and I'm being forced to reconsider everything I know about myself. You see, I've just listened to my podcast episode with Jahmaal, and I don't recognise who I am there. Who is this calm, confident and, above all, wise person??

Surely not anyone I ever was before. I'm baffled and confused until it hits me: it's Jahmaal super chill aura rubbing off on me. And I like it. So I jump on LinkedIn and tell him how much I enjoyed the show, and how I'd love to do it again. Who wouldn't want a chance to immediately become the best version of themselves??
Francisco Mahfuz
Keynote Speaker & Storytelling Coach
Host of The Storypowers Podcast
Phil Rizzo
Security Consultant: Criminal Justice Instructor
Reform, Advocate & Warrior
The Podfather, Executive Producer
Jahmaal is a consummate professional in every aspect of his existence. He relentlessly chases perfection-- knowing all the while that we can never attain it. But along the way, he catches up with and embraces excellence and shares this excellence with all whom encounter him.

His presence edifies others. His focus is laser-like in precision. One example of his superior focus would be his meticulous preparation for – and his superb delivery of -- his podcast, “Listen then Speak”, airing on Audible and Apple Podcasts and multiple other platforms.

His questions are pointed and exquisite. His podcast has become one of a very few of my “binge-worthy broadcasts”. Podcasting, like singing, acting etc., is part of the entertainment world. Jahmaal is an entertainer in every sense of the word, and has proven over the years to be a quadruple threat in thought, word, deed and talent.

Jahmaal empathizes and connects deeply with those whom he counsels professionally and personally. He truly feels their pain and wants to “right” the “wrong(s)” that they have suffered. He is wise beyond his years and exudes what I call “CPR” -- which stands for courtesy, professionalism and respect -- for all that are blessed to encounter his presence.

I highly recommend you listen to his podcast and avail yourself of his personal coaching skills, talents and abilities. He is a polished public speaker and is someone whom you can confide in and trust. He provides sage advice to help guide you along life’s journey, which can be very precarious, by pouring his wisdom and light into you, ever so delicately.

He will champion your cause and improve your processes simultaneously.
Jahmaal is an inspirational speaker and I’m constantly inspired by him. The way Jahmaal so effortlessly, seamlessly, carries his messages across to his audience in his speaking engagements is truly inspiring! As Host of Listen Then Speak, Jahmaal very inquisitively and intuitively inspires his guests and his audience to be informed, actively listen, and then speak on a matter. I’ve enjoyed being a listener and have also had the honor of being a guest on the show.

I had the opportunity to witness Jahmaal's talents further when Jahmaal was a speaker on a Panel for a Future of Work Global Conversation for my organization. Even the other Panelists had key take-aways from Jahmaal and our audience greatly appreciated Jahmaal’s unique perspectives. He made them relatable to anyone and is very inclusive with the audience.
Tiffany Castagno
Transformative HR Curator of Culture
Jefferson Award Recipient
Ravi Rajani
Keynote & SKO Speaker
Storyselling & Communication Training
Host of The Influential Communicator Podcast
Jahmaal is the type of person you can speak to for 60 seconds and immediately feel like you've been best friends with him your entire life! He has an honest, caring and powerful energy that seeps through everything he creates on the LinkedIn platform. Every single time you watch a piece of Jahmaal's video content, I can almost guarantee that you will walk away with a shift in your perspective.

He's one of the good ones and I recommend him to anybody who's looking for a rockstar guest for their upcoming podcast!
Jahmaal is one of the most amazing people that I know. We had the pleasure of having him on the Safety Justice League Podcast and he was so well spoken and meaningful in his comments. It quickly became a fan favorite as well as one of my personal favorites. I wholeheartedly recommend Jahmaal as a Podcast Host you should listen to, a speaker you should have at your event, and as a podcast guest. His message is heartfelt and digs deep into issues we have with culture today.

He is on the rise as an influencer and I could not be more proud to see it. He is a friend, a mentor, and a brother.
Jason Lucas
Impactful Safety Leader
Devesh Tilokani
Better Bids, Proposals, & Sales Response
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I interviewed Jahmaal on the Progressholic Podcast recently and he was honestly incredible. Each answer was thought out and concise!

Jahmaal has a level of charisma that very few people possess which is why I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation!

He also made sure to prepare his answers really well so that the audience every moment while listening to the podcast.

Can't wait to see all the amazing things Jahmaal continues to achieve in the world!
I initially connected with Jahmaal after seeing one of his uplifting daily walk-in-nature vlogs. He immediately engaged me with his friendly tone and incredible humility. I knew that I wanted to chat with him on my podcast, and get his take on how to be authentic at work and in life generally. It was indeed a pleasure to interview Jahmaal for the People at Work podcast.

Jahmaal is a terrific conversationalist, using his background as a counselor to listen carefully and respond clearly. He's able to deliver a strong message while remaining completely respectful, injecting energy and friendliness into the dialog. The world needs more of his voice, as well as his kind, compassionate, and gentle nature.

Thanks for your time and contributions Jahmaal; I look forward to hearing and learning more from you in the future.
Bev Attfield
Partner at Within People
Helping Leaders Grow The Company They Love
Robb Gilbear
Founder of Growth Habit
Helping Purpose-Driven
Coaches Grow Their Impact
Author of Die Before They Do
I was blown away by Jahmaal's ability to foster trust and make me feel heard. His questions showed the depth of his understanding of what it means to be a human trying to make sense of a complicated world.

I've done approximately 50 podcast interviews, no other interviewer has created an environment with this level of connection and compassion.
I had the pleasure of being a guest on Jahmaal's podcast Listen Then Speak. Overall, his show fearlessly deep dives into personal and interpersonal issues that too often go undiscussed. This is reflective of his approach to health and healing. As a conversationalist, Jahmaal held space for our conversation through intention and attentiveness. He helped me be at ease, stay focused, and have fun. I'm excited to keep collaborating with Jahmaal because of the richness he brings to all of his work.
Joy Donnell
Co-Founder at CIME, Center for Intersectional Media + Entertainment • Writer • Producer • Speaker
Shaahin Cheyene
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It was an absolute pleasure to be a guest on Jahmaal's Listen Then Speak podcast. From the moment I arrived on set, I was welcomed with warmth and professionalism. Jahmaal's ability to create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere allowed me to open up and share my story with ease.

Throughout the interview, Jahmaal demonstrated an exceptional ability to listen actively and ask thought-provoking questions that not only allowed me to share my experiences but also to reflect on them in a deeper way. His commitment to authenticity and vulnerability was evident in the way he approached the interview and created a space for me to do the same.

I was impressed by Jahmall's attention to detail, the production quality of the podcast, and his overall approach to storytelling. His dedication to highlighting voices and perspectives that are often marginalized is truly admirable, and his passion for creating a platform for meaningful conversations is inspiring.

Overall, I would highly recommend Jahmaal and the Listen Then Speak podcast to anyone looking for an engaging, thought-provoking, and authentic listening experience. Thank you, Jahmaal, for the opportunity to share my story, and for the important work you are doing in the world.