Jahmaal Marshall


Open communication and feedback loops will empower managers to position both themselves and their staff to thrive instead of survive while doing the work they love.

How It Works

Are you seeing dedicated staff burnout? Are your people using their lunch breaks to look for other jobs instead of leveling up within your organization? With the recent wave of middle managers being laid off or forced to take on the work of their direct reports, the great resignation has only expanded in the last 3 years.

This group catches fire from C suite executives as well as having struggles to manage their direct reports.As institutional knowledge walks out the door, so does revenue. Onboarding a new employee will cost anywhere from 6-10k depending on the size of the company while workflow and project scope take major hits.

Couple this with the lack of cultural EQ and it puts the mental health and resilience of staff at a dangerous low. How long will leaders continue to see employee engagement plummet and be infamous to a toxic work culture?

While anyone can come in and hold a 30 minute workshop that checks a box, yet doesn’t address the psychology of the the staff as both individuals and a collective.

I want to give individuals and teams the tools they need to succeed and continue to thrive.

“Jahmaal joked about reading the pages of my diary, but it is as if he could read into my soul to see how I’ve been struggling and what I need to change.

“Leaders are currently so driven by time-based metrics, which are archaic, and by nature damaging to the recruiters’ well-being. Using the insights shared by Jahmaal, we all need to advocate with our leadership to change this mindset so we can thrive in our careers.

“It really opened my eyes when Jahmaal spoke about having leaders who are ready to have those crucial conversations because I’m always fearful to bring it forward that I need help.

“It is so easy to go down the rabbit hole of sourcing that hours can go by and I have done nothing to prioritize myself. Jahmaal showed me how this is not setting healthy boundaries and how I’ll never succeed in my career without this.

Developing Boundaries

If you are a manager, business owner, recruiter, or organization who wants to see your staff reduce turnover and maintain institutional knowledge, why wait.

When developing an understanding of their own boundaries, strengthening their communication patterns, and getting to the root of their motives and habits, staff will churn out an amazing product for any organization, because they are positioned to do their assignment without anxiety.

Do you want someone who understands human behavior but also has mastered cultural nuances of the workplace (through experience)?

With Jahmaal, You Will…

Together, we can get you lasting and sustainable solutions.

Achieve solid communication with self, peers, teammates, staff and family that reduces stress, resentment, and high turnover

Learn how to take calculated risks in communication with confidence.​​

Reduce turnover and go beyond surface level results for cultural diversity initiatives.

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