Jahmaal Marshall

Public Speaker

There are too many counselors, therapists, and coaches who give subpar service and band aid solutions. I’m here to isolate root causes and present sustainable solutions.

How It Works

I’ve been doing Public speaking for over 12 years. However, most I’ve hone my skills as a public speaker by using my understanding of human behavior to put together talks that are both dynamic, practical and applicable.

Your story powers your brand and with nearly 16 years of experience in my field and over 21 years of experience as a professional, I have more than stories. I have client casework, work experiences, highs lows victories and failures that I’ve been able to bundle up into various talks that provide audiences with sky high value, but also practical takeaways.

If you are a CEO, business owner or Corporate Funder, I’m not here to give your team and staff a temporary cortisone shot of motivation but to deposit something that will not only impact their mental and spiritual wellness but also reinforce the vision of your company while boosting morale in a manner that is sustainable.

How many Public Speakers and consultants have come in and checked a box while completely glossing over root issues that keep toxic cycles intact?

This Will In Turn Affect

Employee Turnover

Institutional Knowledge

Learning and Development

Company Reputation

Internal Affairs

Company Budget and Revenue Due to High Turnover

Public Speaking Services

Virtual Fireside and Coaching Circles

Organizational Fireside - with Practical Takeaways

Workshop on Boundaries for managers and employees

Root causes of Burnout: Burnout Prevention

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I do both, if you are requesting an in person even, please reach out directly on Linkedin to discuss both logistics and arrangements.

Workplace Boundaries, Burnout prevention, DEI that actually works, Mental Health for Managers and direct reports, How to advocate as an employee.

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