Jahmaal Marshall


There are too many counselors, therapists, and coaches who give subpar service and band aid solutions. I’m all about fixing that.

How It Works

By the time someone comes to me they have exhausted other avenues of therapy, coaching, ect.

I usually will ask clients why they chose to hire me.  More than 60 percent of the time they tell me I sought out Therapy and wasn’t given any actional directives to help me make lasting progress.  It’s common for many of us to exhaust other avenues prior to finding the person that has our best interest at heart and also understand how to get us results.

Great marketing doesn’t always equate to stellar service that produces results.

Addressing Problems at Their Root

Get to the root of the mindset behind the behavior, through pin-point analysis

Assign work tailored to building atomic habits that establish both (personal & professional boundaries)

Focus on unlearning cyclical habits of communication on all levels of leadership

Change unhealthy outlets that hinder professional productivity and personal mental health

Insert accountability metrics that lead to lasting change

Let’s Get Started