My story


A lover of poetry, spoken word, and many differing genres of music. I’ve always had a passion and hunger to see past the surface and broach varying topics to discover the Why behind the What.

I’m a certified counselor with I.A.B.C. (The International Association of Biblical Counselors) and former program coordinator for a non-profit organization involved in global outreach. I’m originally from southern California but transitioned to DC in early childhood where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2009.

While furthering my education, I worked for 6 years at the Federal Bureau of Prisons Central Office in DC assisting with the distribution and editing of various communication initiatives and publications before transitioning to a non-profit organization in Williamstown, KY. I held positions in Customer service, website quality-control, prison ministry, and onsite coordination for selected speaking and exhibitor events.

For 7 years, I had the pleasure of using my skills primarily in counseling, public speaking, and remote program coordination. My clients range from ages 18-50, with varying walks of life, which demonstrates the ability to connect and bring the best out of almost anyone I encounter.

Jahmaal Marshall has been a bright light in a time of darkness for our beloved family member who struggled to find suitable, compassionate, and sound support. When I reached out to Jahmaal, after a few months of careful observation of counselors, here on LinkedIn, I had been
convinced that he would be the most suitable choice to assist us in helping our loved one regain control over life. I am happy to report that I were 100% right in choosing Jahmaal Marshall for the job! Not only was Jahmaal, seasoned and professional, but he met our loved one at the
required level, built an amazing rapport and maintained customized relatability all while, guiding forward movement, throughout.

You rarely come across people like Jahmaal that instantly make a strong impact on you from the moment you meet them. With his inspiring energy and servant leadership, Jahmaal has the ability to make you feel like you are finally being heard. 

I am so fortunate that the LinkedIn community brought us together!  

Before I had the opportunity to interview Jahmaal on my LinkedIn live series earlier this year, I turned into his weekly videos where he shared advice on topics such as overcoming adversity, rejection, and self-compassion.

I resigned in 2017 to return to DC where I began working as a campaign coordinator at International Justice Mission (IJM) to further equipping IJMs constituents in mobilization with the Global Advancement Division. I began working with the Interns and Fellows team in 2019 as the Senior Coordinator for the Global Field office Program.

During this time my passion for justice, culture, and social issues in US continued to grow. We have a diaspora of cultures in a melting pot from across the globe, and I’m excited to broach various topics pertaining to culture and for both he and listeners to grow in deeper understanding of one another through first listening then speaking

I enjoy working with people of varying ages and different backgrounds while facilitating them to reach their full potential. I love traveling, writing, spoken word, video blogging, hiking, tennis, and chilling with my family.