Jahmaal Marshall

Counselor • Podcaster • Consultant

A lover of poetry, spoken word, and many different genres of music. I’ve always had a passion and hunger to see past the surface and broach varying topics to discover the Why behind the What.


By the time someone comes to me they have exhausted other avenues of therapy, coaching, ect.

I usually will ask clients why they chose to hire me.  More than 60 percent of the time they tell me I sought out Therapy and wasn’t given any actional directives to help me make lasting progress.  It’s common for many of us to exhaust other avenues prior to finding the person that has our best interest at heart and also understand how to get us results.


Our desire is to sit and chop it up with anyone from best selling authors to successful entrepreneurs and get a sense of the highs and lows of their journey.

We want to delve past the surface to see how their culture, faith, career choices, and mental health have brought them to their current destination and broach topics that will provoke both thought and action in listeners.


Are you seeing dedicated staff burnout? Are your people using their lunch breaks to look for other jobs instead of leveling up within your organization? With the recent wave of middle managers being laid off or forced to take on the work of their direct reports, the great resignation has only expanded in the last 3 years.

About Jahmaal

I’m a certified counselor with I.A.B.C. (The International Association of Biblical Counselors) and former program coordinator for a non-profit organization involved in global outreach. I’m originally from southern California but transitioned to DC in early childhood where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2009.

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